GT Consultancy Ltd was established in 19 July 2014 to assisted some Small and Medium Business to have online presence and start selling their products online. GTCL will be focusing on the following services:

  • Hardware monitoring service
  • Preventive maintenance (Desktops/Laptops/Tablets/Servers) servcice
  • Structure Data Cabling service
  • Network Infrastructure design and Implementation Service
  • Installation and Deployment of Servers including OS installation Service
  • Website Development (Static and eCommerce)
  • Desktop/Laptops/iPads/Tablets/Smartphone Repair and Troubleshooting
  • Remote Monitoring servicing
  • Backup and Restore servicing

Please email us at info@gtcl.co.nz to get a quote of our service offerings.

Cloud Services

Thrive Managed Cloud Services


More than just a Cloud Service Provider
Thrive offers a wide array of Managed Cloud Services. However, unlike many cloud services providers, Thrive does not merely give you rack space, raw computing power and access. Thrive Cloud services also ensure that your hosted systems are backed up, monitored and supported at the OS and application layers as well.


Getting to the Cloud is a Journey, Not a Blind Leap
All of your applications might not be ready for user consumption through the cloud. Our expert consultants will work with you to lay out an overall technology roadmap that includes a cloud strategy that make sense for your business. Maybe your only partially ready for the cloud? That’s OK. Remember, it’s a journey.


The good news is that Thrive has deep expertise in supporting your on-premise infrastructure, providing world class end-user support and vendor managing your other cloud providers. Our holistic service model uniquely positions Thrive to be your trusted technology partner for years to come; no matter how your journey unfolds.


When should you consider Thrive Managed Cloud Services?

Hardware Needs to Be Replaced
Eliminate the capital costs of investing in new hardware that will need to be replaced again in the future.
Ready to Grow
Critical applications are available regardless of geographic location.
Excessive IT Support Costs
Fewer servers to maintain will reduce support overhead costs.
Too Many Servers
Reduce your hardware footprint to improve efficiencies.
Green IT Intiative
Sharing hardware resources reduces energy consumptions.

Thrive’s Cloud Service Offering Includes
Hosted File Sharing
ThriveShare is secure file sharing and cloud backup for your business.
Domain Hosting
A secure and dedicated virtual server running a current version of Microsoft Windows Server and a point to point VPN connection to your office.
Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Dedicated Windows 2008 Server running Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server Edition. Multi-tenant option available.
Hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server
Provides a high availability mobile device platform, accessible from anyplace a user has cellular coverage.
Hosted File Servers
Cloud-based data storage on a dedicated Windows Server for archiving and/or high availability purposes
Hosted Terminal Servers
Centralize your application management with this high availability remote work platform, accessible from anywhere a user has an Internet connection.
Additional Thrive Managed Cloud Services
Email Encryption

Managed Email Filtering

Cloud-Based Data Protection

Message Archiving

Hosted File Sharing

Disaster Recovery

Virtualization • Disaster Recovery • Server Consolidation • Desktop Management

Build a Rapid, Reliable & Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Solution

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are often costly and complex—and can’t meet your recovery objectives even after doubling hardware (and cost) for protected applications. Testing them can be a nightmare because the steps are tedious and the documentation is hard to keep up to date. Likewise, keeping two sets of hardware in sync is nearly impossible. VMware vSphere lets you recover to any machine, not just specific duplicate hardware, reducing hardware costs and maintenance budget and lowering the complexity of maintaining a backup site. Even if you haven’t virtualized all production servers, virtualize target servers for your data recovery to allow greater simplicity, reliability, and cost savings.

Recover from disasters rapidly
Ensure reliable disaster recovery
Reduce the cost of disaster recovery
Automate disaster recovery
Recover Rapidly from Disasters

Traditional disaster recovery plans require many manual, complex steps to allocate recovery resources, perform bare metal recovery, recover data and validate that systems are ready for use. How optimized is your disaster recovery plan?

GTCL can implement a disaster recovery soution for your organization that features the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. VMware SRM simplifies IT environments. Hardware configuration, firmware, operating system install, and application install all become data stored in just a few files on disk. Protect these files using your backup or replication software and you’ve protected the entire system. These files can then be recovered to any hardware without requiring any changes because virtual machines are hardware-independent.
Ensure Reliable Recovery

Traditional recovery plans are often difficult to test, difficult to keep up to date, and depend on exact execution of complex, manual processes. In a virtualized environment, testing is simpler because you can execute non-disruptive tests using existing resources. Hardware independence eliminates the complexity of maintaining the recovery site by eliminating failures due to hardware differences.
Reduce the Cost of Disaster Recovery

Reliable disaster recovery solutions traditionally require duplicating your entire production infrastructure—and with it your costs. With VMware vSphere, you can provide rapid and reliable recovery without requiring identical hardware. With hardware independence, you can repurpose existing servers for disaster recovery rather than needing to buy duplicate servers for rapid recovery. Server Consolidation also lets you slash the cost of server infrastructure needed both for production and disaster recovery.
Automate Disaster Recovery

Eliminate the need to perform numerous manual steps, difficult or impossible to automate and prone to human error. Virtualization opens the door to disaster recovery automation by turning physical servers into data and recovery procedures into software. Automate your disaster recovery process with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager and ensure rapid and cost-effective execution of disaster recovery plans. Easily test your disaster recovery plan to ensure the highest levels of reliability and availability of your entire IT infrastructure.

IT Consulting Services

It’s an organizational best practice that’s much easier said than done: ensuring that IT initiatives – both short- and long-term – are closely aligned with business goals. The unfortunate reality is that most IT planning is conducted in silos – with limited insight into how execution could introduce new risks, disrupt critical business applications, or negatively impact business recovery. Sound familiar?

GTCL Networks provides a broad-range of services to help SMBs make the most of their existing IT investments – and ensure that future investments are directly tied to the organization’s success. Whether you want visibility into existing infrastructure vulnerabilities, counsel on selecting the right application vendor, improved network recovery times, or an in-depth assessment of your entire network infrastructure, GTCL can help.

Informed IT Decisions Based on Actual Business Needs

At GTCL, our team of consultants has extensive, hands-on experience with all types of network environments, allowing us to quickly evaluate and recommend IT solutions to support your most pressing business goals. We work with you to develop an IT roadmap based on your industry, your business, and your workflows – designed to deliver improved ROI from existing and future systems.

Our IT Consulting services include:

  • Network Health Assessment
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Bandwidth Utilization Analysis
  • Project Services

Improve your IT planning, productvity, and protection today.

On-Site Support

GTCL On-Site: A Dedication Team
At Your Side, At Your Service

No more wondering where your IT support team is. With GTCL OnSite, you are assigned a highly experienced team of engineers dedicated to serving your business.

Your team of GTCL employees quickly become familiar with your company’s needs. They know your business. They know your goals. Best of all, they know your IT infrastructure. Your team is available at all times to keep your IT system running at optimum levels – utilizing many of the best practices and efficiency tools available and developed in-house.
Your GTCL OnSite team is a blend of IT engineers with various competencies to keep you up and running:

Technical Services Managers – responsible for overall technical quality of service on your behalf at all levels.

Primary Engineer – knows your business, knows you needs, becomes a familiar face around your company.

Secondary Engineer – supports primary engineering, so you are never without the technical assistance you need.

Engineering Team –a small group of engineers with diverse skill sets who meet regularly to review your IT results and future needs.

Account Manager – your ultimate coordinator of resources, communications, scheduling, billing and services.